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Our Story

Eat Good Live Good 

Batch Pantry  is a Caribbean Fem-Co( Female owned company) which provides Gourmet Goods.  Our line features Organic infused extra virgin olive oil, blended seasonings, and sauces. Our motto is Live Good, Eat Good.  There's an important correlation between the two and a necessary balance. Many consumers  seek to enjoy delicious meals without the guilt of additional calories, fats and other unhealthy additives. We believe our flavor infused  organic olive oils provide a peace of mind that allows our customers to enjoy delicious and healthy meals.


There are a  couple of things that BATCH does to ensure we are providing the highest quality products. We use only the best EVOO from California Olive trees. These are far less adulterated than imported oils. We use dark bottles to avoid degradation. We offer smaller sizes so that the olive oil does not go rancid. Our flavored oils are great additions to any meal. We also  create specialty seasoning blends that are reminiscent of island flavors and rich in quality. 


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